Anti Universe: There exists such a world, where the wheel of time moves in reverse? Scientists are also surprised

Anti Universe Theory: Scientists also do not rule out the possibility that there is such a world (Anti Universe Where time runs backwards) like our world, where the laws of physics are different and time moves backwards.

  • Another world near the earth!

  • ‘Where the reverse cycle of time runs’

  • What is Anti Universe or Inverted World?

In this era of advanced technology, research about the earth and the universe is going on for many decades. Despite this, scientists say that there is much that remains to be discovered. Meanwhile, scientists know a lot about their world, but now they have gradually become convinced of a world which is completely opposite to our world.

The laws of your earth don’t work

According to the report published in the New York Times, this theory has been explained in detail in the journal Annals of Physics. The theory behind this is based on the general physics concept which is called CPT. This world can only be near our earth. According to research, this world will be completely opposite to our world in the laws of physics.

Universe Preceded by an Antiuniverse?

‘A world where the wheel of time turns upside down’

For example, the way we calculate time, here time would be running exactly the opposite. Scientists are doing more research about this mysterious parallel world, because they also believe in the theory of Anti-Universe. Scientists also do not rule out the possibility that like our world, there is a world where time moves in reverse.

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What is the upside down world?

Scientists believe that the theory of the Anti-Universe is dependent on fundamental symmetries. Working on this theory, dark matter can be explained. Researchers also say that neutrons in this world will be rotating from the right side. To prove the point of this world, scientists are testing mass neutrons. 

If they are successful in this project, then the matter of this other world will be proved. The most important thing about this theory is that like our world, gravitational force would not have been found in this parallel world, that is why everything is going on in reverse mode there.