what is the best position to drink milk? Why is it not right to drink milk while sitting?

what is the best position to drink milk? Why is it not right to drink milk while sitting?

We all are aware that drinking milk is beneficial for health. It is also considered as a complete food. Although people should be aware of drinking it properly.

It is often debated whether a glass of milk should be drunk standing, or sitting? After all, in which posture is it right to consume milk? Does changing posture have any effect on health? Today we are giving you the answer of some such questions.

Why should you drink milk?

There are many benefits of drinking milk, the calcium present in it makes teeth and bones strong.
Potassium is found in milk which is good for heart health.
Vitamin D present in milk inhibits unnatural cell growth, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.
Drinking milk stimulates the secretion of serotonin, a hormone associated with happiness, which reduces tension.
By drinking milk, the body gets natural fat which is beneficial for health, it does not increase unwanted fat in the body.

best position to drink milk: Should we drink milk standing or sitting?

Doctors recommend that a glass of milk should not be drunk sitting, because when you do this, the milk spreads slowly in half of the body because the sitting posture acts as a speed breaker. On the contrary, when you drink milk while standing, this fluid gets a direct path, due to which it gets absorbed easily and all the parts of the body get nutrients.

best position to drink milk: What happens if you sit and drink milk?

When you drink milk while sitting, the flow of this fluid gets blocked and it stays in the lower part of the esophagus. It is commonly known as GERD.

When compulsion has to sit and drink milk

If you have to drink milk sitting under compulsion, then take care that it does not come out in a hurry. Take small sips so that your stomach does not face any kind of problem. If you do this then there will be no stomach cramps.



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