Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in the U.S.A 2022

Table of Contents

  1. Cheapest Car Insurance Companies by Category
  2. Cheapest States for Car Insurance
  3. How to Get Cheap Car Insurance
  4. Methodology
  5. Cheap Car Insurance FAQ

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies by Category

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Full Coverage 

Geico: $154 per month
USAA: $189 per month
State Farm: $200 per month
Allstate: $248 per month
Esurance: $251 per month

Full coverage refers to a policy that goes beyond the minimum state requirements and includes both collision and comprehensive coverage. Because full coverage protects you in more situations, it costs more than the minimum required coverage.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies After a Ticket 

Geico: $80 per month
USAA: $82 per month
State Farm: $110 per month
Chubb: $115 per month
Allstate: $117 per month

After a speeding ticket, most drivers will see their insurance rates go up for 3-5 years. The extent to which premiums rise after a ticket can vary significantly by insurance company, however.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies For Drivers with One At-Fault Accident

Geico: $92 per month
USAA: $113 per month
State Farm: $121 per month
Allstate: $144 per month
Chubb: $149 per month

One at-fault accident will increase the average driver’s car insurance premium by around 50% for 3-5 years. The penalty is more severe with some insurance companies than others, though. 

Learn about what an at-fault accident is & how to deal with one

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies After a DUI

Geico: $142 per month
USAA: $144 per month
State Farm: $163 per month
Mercury: $173 per month
Allstate: $185 per year

Insurers always charge drivers more for coverage after a DUI conviction, given what such an infraction indicates about the driver’s risk profile.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Drivers with Poor Credit

Geico: $96 per month
USAA: $115 per month
State Farm: $182 per month
Allstate: $206 per month
Kemper: $252 per month

Less-than-good credit can lead to higher car insurance premiums, but there are two ways to avoid paying more than necessary as a result of a poor credit score. One is to work on improving your credit, which WalletHub’s personalized advice can be a big help with. The other is to comparison shop for car insurance. 
Learn about no credit check car insurance companies.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Young Drivers 

Geico: $148 per month
Allstate: $184 per month
USAA: $189 per month
State Farm: $196 per month
Chubb: $261 per month

Since young drivers have less experience behind the wheel, insurers tend to charge them higher rates than more mature drivers. On average, most drivers will see their rates drop as they get older, with a considerable decrease once they turn 25 years old.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies for Older Drivers

Geico: $61 per year
USAA: $76 per month
State Farm: $83 per month
Chubb: $90 per month
Allstate: $101 per month

 Although mature drivers pay less for car insurance than teens, older drivers start to see their rates go up as they enter their senior years. By simply comparing quotes, older drivers can save hundreds of dollars per year.
Learn more about the best car insurance for seniors.

Cheapest States for Car Insurance 

Rank State Average Monthly Premium
1 Wyoming $22
2 South Dakota $27
3 Iowa $27
4 Vermont $28
5 North Dakota $30
6 Idaho $32
7 Ohio $34
8 Wisconsin $34
9 Nebraska $35
10 New Hampshire $36
11 Montana $37
12 Maine $38
13 North Carolina $39
14 Indiana $40
15 Tennessee $41
16 Hawaii $41
17 Pennsylvania $41
18 Alaska $45
19 New Mexico $46
20 Kansas $46
21 Massachusetts $47
22 West Virginia $47
23 Mississippi $48
24 Missouri $48
25 Arkansas $52
26 Oklahoma $53
27 Arizona $55
28 Illinois $55
29 Alabama $58
30 Washington $59
31 Colorado $60
32 Utah $62
33 Minnesota $63
34 Texas $65
35 Oregon $65
36 Florida $67
37 South Carolina $68
38 California $70
39 Rhode Island $73
40 Kentucky $77
41 Virginia $77
42 Connecticut $85
43 Maryland $89
44 Georgia $91
45 Nevada $92
46 Delaware $94
47 Louisiana $105
48 New Jersey $107
49 New York $152
50 Michigan $159

8 Tips for How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

1. Get a car that’s cheap to cover.

Certain car models cost more to insure than others. Cars that are safer and cost less, like minivans and SUVs, are cheaper to insure than expensive, fast sports cars.

2. Be on your best behavior. 

Safe drivers with no history of accidents, tickets or arrests can look forward to cheaper rates than people who haven’t been as responsible. Convicted felons will also often have to pay more, even if their record isn’t related to driving.

3. Take advantage of discounts.

You may be able to get discounts if you are a veteran, get paperless statements, have a good driving record, bundle policies, are a student or have an anti-theft system, to name a few.

4. Build good credit.

Your credit score will often factor into your auto insurance rates – people with no credit pay 67% more than people with excellent credit on average. Insurers know that financial responsibility often correlates with responsibility in other areas of life. People with poor credit are more likely to file an insurance claim. To boost your credit score, always pay you credit bills on time and try to use less than 30% of your available credit.

5. Look locally.

There are several big-name nationwide auto insurers with lots of satisfied customers, but you don’t necessarily have to get coverage from a company that takes clients from all across the country. Plenty of car insurance companies only cater to customers in certain regions or states. These local insurers may provide lower rates but are often overlooked. Make sure to include them in your comparison, at least.

6. Choose a higher deductible.

An insurer may lower your monthly rates in return for a higher deductible – the amount you personally have to pay when you make a claim. That can save you money if you never have an accident. This approach makes the most sense for people who are very infrequent drivers.

7. Select less comprehensive coverage.

There are many types of car insurance. You will usually need liability coverage, to pay for the other person’s damages if you’re at fault in an accident. But you may not need collision coverage (pays for your repairs) or comprehensive coverage (pays for non-accident-related damages). Both pay out based on your car’s current value. If your car is older and will cost more to fix than to buy a new vehicle, it may not be worth it.

8. Consider pay-per-mile plans.

You don’t always have to pay a set amount per month. There are also plans based on how much you drive. If you have a car but rarely use it or only drive very locally, a pay-per-mile plan may be best for you. The insurance company will place a device in your car that tracks your mileage. It may also track things like your speed and braking, which could affect your rates positively if you’re a safe driver and negatively if not.

Methodology for Selecting the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

WalletHub’s analysis of cheap car insurance companies is based on data from the state DMVs and Quadrant Information Services. Together with that data, WalletHub used the characteristics listed below to create a driver profile designed to identify the cheapest car insurance companies nationally. Given that prices and data availability vary widely across the country, WalletHub compared the cost of major car insurance companies by averaging each insurer’s premiums across the three largest states.

In the table below, you can see all of the profile characteristics that were used in WalletHub’s analysis.

Category All Profile Characteristics Good Driver Profile
Gender Male, Female Male
Age 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65 45
Marital Status Single, Married Single
Teenage Driver Included on Policy No, Yes No
Driving Record Clean, One Speeding Ticket, One At-Fault Accident, One DUI, Suspended License, Open Container, Red Light Infraction, Reckless Driving, One Not At-Fault Accident Clean
Miles Driven Per Year 7,500 Miles, 15,000 Miles, 20,000 Miles 15,000 Miles
Coverage Level Minimum, Standard, Full Minimum
Discounts None, Multi-Policy, Homeowner, Student None
Credit Level Poor, Good Good
Filings None, SR22, FR44 None
Car Sedan, Minivan, SUV, Coupe, Truck Sedan

Below are additional details regarding the terminology and specific characteristics of the variables in the above table:

  • Minimum Coverage: State minimum coverage requirements.
  • Standard Coverage: Coverage levels of 50k/100k/25k of liability coverage and 50k/100k/25k of uninsured motorist coverage.
  • Full Coverage: Coverage levels of 100k/300k/50k of liability coverage, 100k/300k/50k of uninsured motorist coverage, and collision and comprehensive coverage with a $500 deductible.
  • Sedan: 2018 Toyota Camry.
  • Minivan: 2018 Dodge Grand Caravan.
  • SUV: 2018 Toyota RAV4.
  • Coupe: 2018 Ford Mustang.
  • Truck: 2018 Ford F-150.

Where driver profiles are not specified, WalletHub used the good driver profile, using the above variables. Quote information is from Quadrant Information Services and is representative only. Individual rates will be different.

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