Free cholesterol how to lower 30 days ‍at home?

cholesterol how to lower ‍at home?  If you include 7 superfoods in your diet, then your cholesterol level will be under control.

Due to this the risk of heart attack will also be reduced. These superfoods also include apples and dark chocolate.


  • These superfoods will lower cholesterol 
  • include in diet 
  • Cholesterol will remain under control even with apple

Everyone knows that due to the increase in cholesterol (Superfoods To Keep Your Cholesterol In Check) all kinds of problems start to surround you. The increase in cholesterol increases the chances of having a heart attack. 

To deal with such a situation, you have to pay special attention to your diet. So that you can stay away from this type of problem. 

cholesterol how to lower

cholesterol how to lower
cholesterol how to lower

If you include some superfoods in your diet, then you can keep this type of problem away from you. So let us know which are such superfoods, which will keep your cholesterol balanced. 

Eat avocado daily, cholesterol will not increase

Avocado is very beneficial for health. By eating this, your body remains fit. It is believed that avocados should be eaten daily. Eating this also reduces the risk of heart attack. Actually, avocado does not allow your cholesterol to increase. 


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Apple does not allow cholesterol to increase

Apart from this, apple is such a fruit, which everyone is advised to eat. It should be eaten daily. Apple has such properties, which does not increase your cholesterol. So try that you must eat an apple every day.

Olive oil will also keep cholesterol under control

You must have put olive oil in the hair of the head, not only this, some people may also use it to make vegetables, but few people know that eating it does not increase cholesterol. If you do not use this oil, then start using this oil in your diet. Apart from this, your cholesterol also remains under control with salmon, oats and dark chocolate.