Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke. These changes come in the body before heart attack

Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke. These changes come in the body before heart attack.Usually the problem of heart attack is due to changing lifestyle and eating habits. 

This is the reason that three out of four people in the country have a heart attack problem. The thing to note is that most people also get silent attacks many times, but they do not know it. If the heart muscles do not work at the right time, then there can be a big problem. So let us know what kind of signals our body gives before a heart attack, which you should never ignore. 

  • These changes happen before heart attack
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  • Which complaints should you as a woman take more seriously?
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Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke

Many lives can be saved if the early symptoms of a heart attack are detected early. Initial symptoms include restlessness, chest discomfort, heaviness in chest, chest pain, sweating, breathlessness. Apart from this, many people get acidity or belching, which some people consider to be a gas problem. Let us tell you that this is also a symptom before the heart attack. It is also known as silent heart attack. 

Do not take these symptoms lightly

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), weakness, light-headedness, neck-jaw and back discomfort or pain are also included before a heart attack. That is, if you see any such symptom, then it should not be taken lightly. A doctor should be consulted immediately. 

Heart attack in women: how do you recognize the signs?

In the event of a heart attack, acting quickly is vital. But then you have to recognize the symptoms. As different as men and women are, so different – ​​and especially vaguer – are the signs of a heart attack.

Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke


Which complaints should you as a woman take more seriously?foldout, click to open

  • Pain in upper abdomen, jaw, back
  • shortness of breath
  • extreme fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Uneasy feeling

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Did you know…foldout, click to open

  • … women who enter the menopause early have a slightly higher risk of cardiovascular disease?
  • … women who enter menopause before their forties have a one and a half times higher risk of cardiovascular disease than women who enter menopause around their fifties?
  • … people who smoke are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease?
  • … obesity and high blood pressure are risk factors?
  • … in cardiovascular disease it usually involves a combination of factors, which makes the risk really high?

Rikie (74): “Chest pain, a feeling of pressure and pain in the left arm. Those are the complaints I think and they are the same for everyone, right? Three years ago, my sister was taken to the hospital with sirens blaring because she had a heart attack. Since then I pay extra attention to my health and body.

I deliberately started to lose weight, because being overweight is an important risk factor in heart failure. I am now ten kilos lighter.”

Jan (50): “I am the company emergency response officer (ERO) at work, so I should know this. The classic symptoms of heart failure are chest pain with radiation to the arms and excessive sweating, nausea and vomiting. What, are they different in women, really? You are kidding me!

I myself try to reduce the risk of a heart attack by living as healthy as possible. You will pay more attention to that when you are older. Stress is especially bad for your body.”

Maartje (33) and Rosa (1.5): “Fortunately, I don’t know anyone in my environment who has had a heart attack, but I do know that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death among women. In my opinion, women are only more likely to have a heart attack after the menopause.

I also recently read that women often overlook the signals. But what exactly are the complaints? I can’t remember that.”

Steven (34): “My father died next to me of a heart attack in 2007. He started jerking his limbs, his eyes rolled away, and then he fell. His heart was out of oxygen, it was all going so fast. The signals will be the same for women… Since my father’s death, I think about many things extra; I also pay more attention to my health. I try to avoid stress and live in the now, don’t smoke and don’t eat unhealthy too often.”

Anja (49): “Gosh, as a woman I should know this, right? I think the signs are much less recognizable in women than in men. Isn’t it manifested in muddled speech, sweating and left arm pain? Not? That’s bad.

Then I have read about those other complaints, but I do not remember them. I think that’s because they’re a bit more vague. I mean: a restless feeling, pain between the shoulder blades, shortness of breath and fatigue. If that bothers me, I would just go to bed.”

Arjan (45): “I think the symptoms are the same for everyone. Think of whitening and shortness of breath. But am I wrong? Oh, that’s not good. My wife is a doctor, I should have known this anyway.

We both work on our health to try to prevent the risk of diseases or the risk of heart failure as much as possible. We don’t smoke, drink moderately and I cycle 16 kilometers to work every day.”

Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke


Marij (35): “Ah, I recently read about this. The complaints are different in women, I found that so remarkable. Dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, lower back pain, and… maybe I’m forgetting a few more.

I had never associated these complaints with heart failure before. Still quite strange that most people mainly recognize the symptoms that occur in men. It’s good that attention is now being paid to this.”

Iet (76): “Seven years ago my husband had a heart attack. He hadn’t been feeling well all day and when we drove home in the evening after a birthday party, he suddenly got very short of breath.

He started beeping all the way. I immediately drove to the hospital and luckily we were on time: he is now well again. Since then, I’ve certainly been looking for signs that could indicate heart failure, but I didn’t expect them to be any different in women. I have learned something at my age.”

Jorrit (34) with Abe (16 months): “Heart failure is caused by the heart getting too little oxygen. I think it was related to a coronary artery blockage. And the signals? Pressure on the chest, tingling hands and… No,

I can’t get any further. Too bad I don’t know this. But these complaints are different in women? I had no idea. I’ll have to look more into that.”

Nelleke (50): “What a scary idea that the symptoms of heart failure that I know mainly belong to a man. So if my heart started to hurt, I might have no idea what’s going on. Instead of going to the doctor,

I would probably go to bed. Pfff, I think that’s pretty intense when I think about what could happen. I would rather classify sweating, extreme fatigue and pain in the upper abdomen as menopausal complaints. I’ve been struggling with that for a while. I’m going to read more about it right away.”Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke Early symptoms of heart attack or stroke