Extreme weight loss methods: Best Ways for Weight Loss Home Tips.

Extreme weight loss methods: Best Ways for Weight Loss Home Tips. The list below with the top 10 methods to lose weight is the result of independent research into the effectiveness of different methods of weight loss.

Because we operate in the middle of the field of weight loss, we believe we have a good idea of ​​which methods work well and which do not. Based on this, we have compiled a number of basic principles that are universal. Of course you can also consult our articles for a complete elaboration and applicable programs .

In principle, the list below is not ranked by effectiveness. So a method lower on the list can work just as well for you as a method higher on the list. The methods can of course be combined (and we certainly recommend this).

1. Write down what you eat – eliminate non-essential intakewrite down

This sounds simple and it is. Write down what you take every day. What are you willing to delete? Start with that. You will see that you often eat out of boredom or poor motivation. Be sure to check out the snacks. These can increase strongly during the day and thus contribute to an excess of calories per day.

When you have a good overview of what you take in every day, you often immediately identify the cause of the extra kilos. It is also a good start to start your waste process. On the basis of the list you can make a plan and after a few weeks you will look much better. It is also possible that you eat wrong during the day. Because of better timing, you often can’t get a feeling of hunger with less food. Such as breakfast and lunch later and/or dinner at an earlier time.

2. Watch out for bad carbs

What you see reflected in most diets is an agreement about the following: industrially produced carbohydrates are bad for your weight. As it was named from the Atkins diet in the 1970s to the Paleo diet  today – in fact they say the same thing in this area, but each time in a new package. The notion that “refined carbohydrates” are very bad is also supported by scientific research.

bad carbsLeave industrially processed carbohydrates for a while, such as: – White Rice – White Bread – Pasta – Chips – Corn products – Soft drinks – All Fast food (burgers, fries)

More natural carbohydrates (“slow carbs”) that contain fiber, such as green vegetables, brown bread and rice, are fine to a (limited) extent to take in during your weight loss period. Of course, just don’t take too much.

3. Watch out for bad fats

Just like with carbohydrates, you can also distinguish between good (unsaturated) fats and bad (saturated) fats with regard to fats. So leave the saturated fats and focus on the unsaturated fats to get your daily nutrients and not feel hungry.

Most refined bad fats come from industrial processing of food. Products that contain bad fats include:Extreme weight loss methods

– Pastries and Biscuits – Full Cheese – Sausage – Salty Snacks – All Fast Food (burgers, fries)

You can eat foods with good unsaturated fats and are even healthy. The good fats are found in products such as (organic) meat and fish, nuts and eggs. Furthermore, you can of course just eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, although potato products are not recommended.

When you ban the bad saturated fats from your diet and focus purely on the good fats, you will quickly see good results. Although not very fashionable, the Montignac diet and the South Beach diet are very good guidelines for eliminating bad fats from your daily food intake.Extreme weight loss methods

4. Eat as naturally as possible

A thousand years ago (and until recently) obesity was quite rare. The enormously high number of overweight people today therefore goes hand in hand with the rise of industrially processed food. From the use of fructose, the ubiquity of fast food or the use of microwave meals; much of the food you eat has come about in a factory and not in nature. This has had some advantages, because it allows more people to be fed, but it is not very healthy. So to lose your excess weight, it is advisable to go back to your “roots” and eat more naturally produced food.

biological foodLook at your regular diet. What do you eat and what ingredients are in it? There is much to be said for the return of the traditional (organic) greengrocer, baker, butcher, cheesemonger and grocer. The food that you can see as “natural” or ecologically responsible is usually also locally grown. This ensures that when sold, the food is much fresher than other foods that come from afar and need to be frozen. So try to eat food every day that can be traced directly back to nature. This is not always easy, and perhaps a bit more expensive, but it is also much healthier.

For example (all organic): – Vegetables (apart from potatoes, maize and pods) – Fruit – Meat and fish – Nuts and seeds – Eggs – Natural milk products and cheese

In this context it is also important that, for example, the meat is from grass-fed cattle and that they are not fed by maize. Corn contains fructose and that is a huge fattener.

When you think about it logically, it is correct: the natural food mentioned is the food on which man has lived for years and years and has grown up on. Our bodies are organic machines that work best on this food. 

5. Exercise always helps

to walkA healthy and lean body is inherently linked to sufficient daily exercise. However modest, some movement is always better than no movement. So if you have a sedentary routine (perhaps because of your work), try to introduce more exercise into it. Cycle to work instead of taking the car, or do your errands once on foot. Everything helps for weight loss.

In any case, keep it simple. What often happens is that overweight people go to the gym like crazy. You will see in 90% of the cases that too much fitness quickly starts to hinder them and the motivation to lose weight is destroyed. It is better to gradually introduce more movement into your routines. If you walk, cycle and/or exercise a little every day when you didn’t before, you will always lose more weight than before.

If you find it difficult to start with this, the help of a dietician is recommended. They can provide support and sometimes force you to move. This ensures that you break your own limits and eventually have a healthier body.

Also very good help are so-called training programs. The quality of these types of programs that are offered ranges from very bad to very good. So check this carefully.

6. Get Enough Supplements

On a weight loss journey, you may feel demotivated or depressed. This may be because you now have to miss certain foods and substances that you normally received. Sometimes there are simply addiction symptoms, such as when you stop fast food. Fast food gives you a lot of (bad) fats and carbohydrates to which your body has become accustomed.supplements

Just like with smoking, quitting is much healthier, but your body nevertheless protests because it has become used to the excessive nutrients. This can also have strong psychological effects, which may make you inclined to fall back into old patterns.

Do not do this and prevent this by taking good supplements. In any case, make sure you get enough omega 3, omega 6, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B. For example, fish oil is very good. You can always buy these supplements at your drugstore near you. We also find the online shops recommended if you are serious about losing weight.

7. Make a good plan for yourself

Good planning is a solid start for a waste process. Write down your goal weight and how much time you want to take to reach it. Professional help may be needed to arrive at a realistic planning, but you can also read this yourself with good knowledge about realistic weight loss. In our experience, people who make serious plans to lose weight are up to 5 times more likely to be successful than people who don’t. This also has to do with the question: how badly do you want it?schedule

In any case, let’s say that (healthy) weight loss 20 kg in a week is impossible, but that 5 kg in 3 months is not ambitious enough if you are, for example, 30 kg overweight. There must also be some ambition and will to lose weight.

First make a long-term planning (such as 6 months in advance) and then make a breakdown per month, per week and per day. By making the steps small, you can celebrate your successes more easily and you stay motivated. Link the planning to food intake and the type of food you consume. It is also advisable to plan your exercise and activities (such as sports) on fixed days. Remind yourself to go no matter what. Renunciation is not an option.

If you are afraid that you do not trust yourself, you can put “punishments” on not achieving your targets in the planning. For example, give a family member or friend an amount of money. They will then pay you part of the amount of money each time you achieve a target, but keep it if you fail. There are of course also other similar designs.

8. Get the support of your social circle

When you are trying to reduce your weight, it is not useful and even demotivating if your close environment just sticks to the diet. If your entire family is overweight, it is quite easy to agree on a joint weight loss method (and program). But what if you’re the only one?

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So be clear in your communication to your social environment. You are going to lose weight. Do it for yourself and not for what others say. This also applies to people who want to stop you because they otherwise “feel too fat”. Try to explain why you want to lose weight and what your goal is. You will see that most of them get excited and maybe even want to participate.

Whether you will lose weight together is also your own choice. On the one hand it is nice that you do it together, but if 1 person in the group is going to renege, there is a chance that this person will pull the rest along. So keep your own goal in mind at all times and don’t let yourself be influenced too much by what others do. Of course, you can also join a weight loss website or community where everyone wants to lose weight. If 1 person no longer participates, there are still plenty of others who can support you.

9. Seek help from a professional dietician or program Extreme weight loss methods

You can of course do it yourself. But often it’s just more fun to lose weight when you know you’re supported and onenutritionisttight schedule. Humans are now simply set up in such a way that they want to achieve goals that are set. Experience is that people who lose weight with a dietitian or program achieve their target weight more often than people who do not.

The great advantage of a dietician is that they have professional knowledge about nutrients and eating patterns. You can of course find this out yourself, but you can be sure that a dietician has more experience with losing weight than you do.

In principle, a professional program does the same as a dietitian, but often in a group setting. The contact is also often online (over the internet). So it depends on your own preferences which form of support you prefer.

10. Adjust the weight loss method to your physical condition and circumstances

Just as beauty is subjective, there is no “our size fits all” method for weight loss. So first stand in front of the mirror and learn to accept what you see. Sometimes it’s just a matter of self-image. And you also know that any commercials featuring models you see are the result of carefully edited photos. So it is important to have a realistic picture of yourself. After you have done that, and you still have body parts where you want to lose weight, you will see that you become so much stronger in your motivation. Because you know what beauty is. And if you operate from strength, each method is so much easier.

cheerfulIt is also possible that due to certain circumstances you need an adjusted diet. It is possible that you have diabetes so that you cannot follow standard weight loss methods properly. Or you are allergic to gluten. Or you have difficulty moving because of an injury. And so on. So, of course, always include this circumstance in the method that you are going to start and do not blindly adopt the diets. It is important that you always consult your doctor if your condition is bad.

That said, the best method of losing weight is your own motivation and will. So know why you are doing it. Not for others, but because you just want to look fresh, slim and beautiful! This makes losing weight effective and fun again. Extreme weight loss methods Extreme weight loss methods Extreme weight loss methods Extreme weight loss methods Extreme weight loss methods Extreme weight loss methods Extreme weight loss methods Extreme weight loss methods Extreme weight loss methods

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