High BP patients should not do this exercise even by mistake, suddenly heart attack can come

High BP patients should not do this exercise even by mistake, suddenly heart attack can come.

High blood pressure patients should exercise. Which helps in keeping BP under control. But do you know that blood pressure patients should avoid doing some exercise. 

Otherwise, the pressure starts on their heart and suddenly heart attack can come. Let us know which exercises should not be done by high BP patients.

In high BP, one should stay away from these exercises

although exercising keeps BP under control, but it is also a right way. Actually, doing exercises that increase BP very fast in a very short time, such exercises can be dangerous for patients of high BP. 

These exercises include weight lifting, sprinting, scuba diving, sky diving, squash etc. with heavy weights for a long time. If, while doing any exercise other than these, the patient of high BP is facing the problem of headache, pain, extreme tiredness or vomiting, then the exercise should be stopped immediately and the doctor should be consulted.

What are the beneficial exercises for high BP patients?

  • walking
  • jogging
  • jump rope
  • aerobics exercise
  • tanning
  • dancing, etc.

Pay attention to these tips while exercising high BP patients

  1. Start the exercise at a slow pace.
  2. If the BP increases, gradually stop the exercise.
  3. Pay close attention to your body.
  4. Do not do too much stress and heavy exercise.
  5. Do not exercise for too long. e.t.c

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, timeliness and genuineness of this information. However, it is not the moral responsibility of Zee News Hindi. We kindly request you to consult your doctor before trying any remedy. Our purpose is only to provide you with information.

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