How to stop thinking about sex | Thinking about sex has started changing like this

Sex is such an issue in India, in which everyone is interested, but people are hesitant to talk about it.

Men still express their views about sex. But even if women want to talk about it openly, then they are seen with the wrong eyes.

In the matter of sex, women are often silent due to shame and social restrictions. Although the ancient Indian society was very open minded regarding physical relations.

The example of which we get to see from the temples of Khajuraho to the world famous book Kamasutra of Vatsyayana. But as the society progressed, became narrower towards physical relationships.

There was veiledness and vigilance in the matters related to the sexual relations of men and women. However, now a big change is coming again regarding sexual relations. A change that is revolutionary.

The trend of producing children in the lab will increase

Naturally, the meaning of sex was limited only to producing children and raising a family. But thanks to science, now children can be born even without sex. This is completely possible through IVF and test tubes.

How to stop thinking about sex

pregnant woman
pregnant woman

The world’s first test tube baby was born in 1978. Since then, about 8 million children have come into the world through this technology.

Researchers believe that in the future, there will be a huge increase in the number of children born in this way. Author Henry T Greely says that in the coming times, healthy couples between the ages of 20 and 40 will prefer to conceive in the lab. They will do sex not for the sake of having a child, but for physical need and happiness.

If children can be born without sex then what is the need of sex? The work of sex is to fulfill the physical need of man, woman and strengthen their relationship. But even here religion is a big obstacle.

Every religion prescribes many restrictions and rules regarding sex. It is said in Christianity that men and women should have sex only to have children.

thinking about sex

How to stop thinking about sex

If sex is done for physical pleasure and pleasure then it is immoral. However, in the Solomon Song of the old book of Christianity, sex with passion has been described as the best. Also, sexual relations have been described as a personal thing not only between husband and wife, but between two lovers.

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle sheds light on this subject, saying that love is the end of sensual desires. That is, if there is love between two people, then its destination is completed by making a physical relationship. According to them, sex is not a minor task. Rather, it is a necessary and honorable act to love someone and get someone’s love.

Whereas American sociologist David Halperin says that sex is only for sex. It doesn’t involve anything like meeting a need or strengthening a relationship.

What is sex?
why do i keep thinking about sex

It may be that when a person has started sex, then he is only filling a medium to satisfy a physical need. But when the family starts forming, it may be that it is also considered as a means of strengthening the relationship.

But today the society has completely changed. Today sex is being done even by paying money. Many people use sex as a weapon to move ahead in their professional life. In such a situation, of course, one’s physical need is fulfilled. But, there is no such thing as having a strong relationship or connecting with each other emotionally.

So what is the meaning of sex then? This means that sex should be done only for sex. Do not look for details in this.

What is sex?

With the changing times, not only human relationships are changing today. Rather, people’s behavior regarding sex and thinking about relationships is also changing. In 2015, Professor Jean M Tweing of the University of San Diego, USA, said in a research paper that from 1970 to 2010, a large number of people in America started accepting sexual relationships without marriage.

The new generation believes that sexuality should not be bound by the restrictions of society. According to researcher Twing, sexual morality is not punctual. Changes have been happening in it, are happening and will continue to happen. Now these changes are happening so fast that perhaps we are not even ready to accept these changes.

Physical relations are not made only between man and woman. Rather, many countries have started recognizing lesbian and gay relationships. It is not a mental or physical deformity either. However, both religiously and socially, it has been considered immoral behavior.

Religion says that even animals of the same sex do not have a relationship with each other. Because they know it is immoral. Whereas science says that there are about 500 species of homosexuality, including Japanese macaques, fruit flies, floor flies, albatross birds and bottlenose dolphins. But we don’t give them names like lesbian, gay or heterosexual.

Penguin pairs of the same sex have been observed in large numbers


Penguin pairs of the same sex have been observed in large numbers

After all, who drew the line between all this? Perhaps those who saw sex as the only need to have children. If ‘why sex’? If the question mark is removed from the phrase, then perhaps people will be able to understand its meaning better. The desire for sex is a natural process.

As people’s thinking towards sex is changing, people have started accepting gay and lesbian relationships as well.

Recent research conducted in 141 countries shows that the rate of acceptance of the LGBT community has increased by about 57% from 1981 to 2014. In this the positive support of media, medical support and psychological institutions has played a very important role.

Apart from this, as much as the trend of watching porn has increased today, it is clear that how much sex appetite is there in people. Whether you get something by watching porn or not, but the desire for sex is pacified to a great extent.

How to stop thinking about sex : sex will change too

Experts even say that sex will become more digital and synthetic in the future. Not only this, in the future, more new ways of sex may come to the fore.

Till now, test tubes and IVF are being adopted by the same people who are unable to have a child naturally. Maybe in the coming time everyone will start using this technology.

The union of male and female eggs is necessary to produce a child. But this is not possible in the context of gay and lesbian. Therefore, such people are making great use of this technique to fulfill the child’s wish. There are many examples of this in Bollywood.

lesbian couple


Many new ideas can also emerge regarding relationships like commitment and marriage. After controlling the diseases, the lifespan of human has also increased.

From 1960 to 2017 the average lifespan of a human being has increased by about 20 years. According to an estimate, by 2040, it will increase by another 4 years. According to American biologist and futurist Steven Austad, humans may live up to 150 years in the coming times. It will be difficult to survive with only one sex partner in such a long life.

Therefore, he will keep changing his sexual partner from time to time. And it has already started. Examples of this can be seen a lot in big cities. Divorce cases are increasing.



According to a 2013 survey, a fourth out of every ten couples in the US have a second or third marriage. In the coming time, many new ideas regarding commitment and married life can also come to the fore.

Nature has been changing human beings according to its own accord and will continue to change. Now we need to make changes in our thinking.

We need to change our views on sex and sexual preferences. The day is not far when the whole world will consider sex as a means of pleasure and entertainment, that is, only sex. not a means of producing children.How to stop thinking about sex  How to stop thinking about sex How to stop thinking about sex  How to stop thinking about sex  How to stop thinking about sex How to stop thinking about sex .How to stop thinking about sex .How to stop thinking about sex .How to stop thinking about sex .How to stop thinking about sex .