The most important discovery in 100 years is this prehistoric art, 5 thousand years old drum found in excavation.

Although the things of prehistoric times are very important, but sometimes such things come out in excavation which plays an important role in understanding the whole history. 

Important discovery: Children’s drum found in children’s grave 

As our partner website WION reports, archaeologists have discovered the most important piece of prehistoric art in the last century. A 5,000-year-old ancient drum found in a children’s grave will be put on public display for the first time at the World of Stonehenge exhibition next week. 

The sculptural art piece was discovered by the independent company Allen Archaeology during a routine excavation in the village of Burton Agnes. 

Important discovery: 5000 years old drum 

According to Jennifer Wexler, curator of the British Museum’s exhibition, “This drum is particularly interesting because it originally included a type of artistic language that we see throughout the British Isles at the moment.

We’re talking 5000 years ago.” Because of this new discovery, we are actually able to date the skeletons with carbon-14 dating (also known as radiocarbon dating).

Carbon dating has found that these stylized drums are longer than we thought. 500 years old, which is astonishing. He said, “It has got holes in it in a hurry. It may have happened because of the presence of three bodies in the grave.” 

Will help to understand the construction of Stonehenge 

Neil Wilkin said, “Analysis of its carvings will help to understand the symbolism and beliefs of the era in which Stonehenge was built. We have been waiting for more than 100 years to see these amazing objects. The tomb is a rare one.” The discovery is because ancient people in Neolithic Britain usually cremated dead bodies or left them to be eaten by crows.” 


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