Infinity Train: The world’s first train, which will run on the power of the earth, not on diesel-electricity; Learn Specialties

Infinity Train: Infinity Train: If you have traveled in a train, then you would know that they run on electricity, diesel or coal. In the beginning the trains used to run on coal, then came the trains running on diesel.

Infinity Train:

But nowadays most of the trains run on electricity. Many advanced technology trains have come around the world. Who travels in the speed of the storm.

But you will be surprised to know that now such a train is going to be built, which will not run on diesel or electricity but on the power of the earth. The most amazing thing is that this train will charge itself during the journey.

According to a news published in the Daily Mail, preparations have started for running such a different type of train in Australia. The name of this train is Infinity Train. It is going to be prepared by the Australian mining company Fortescue. The report of IFL Science says, this train will reduce pollution, in this way Australia will move towards its goal of zero emissions.

Actually this train will run on the strength of gravity. The special thing is that running such trains will reduce pollution, apart from this there will be no need for refueling of the train. 

This special train will get charged automatically while traveling from one place to another i.e. as long as the train continues, the energy of the train will never run out.

The train will have a battery for backup, which will keep charging and will save energy. The energy of this battery will never run out. To charge this battery, the gravitational force of the earth will be needed the most. 

Through this project, a good option of freight transportation is to be created at zero emission and low cost.

With the help of this train, iron ore can be transported from one place to another at a low cost. When 34,404 tonnes of iron ore will be filled in a 244-coach train and the train will unload it and return empty, it can be charged by gravity.

According to Elizabeth Gaines, CEO of Fortescue, the Infinity Train will be the world’s best, most powerful and capable electric train. This will stop the use of diesel. Many modern cars also have regenerative braking, which generates energy from friction when braking, the same technology will now be used for trains.

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