USB-C IPhone 12 Pro Max port arrived, will be fully charged in minutes

USB-C IPhone 12 Pro Max port arrived, will be fully charged in minutes. People are broke to buy Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max. Because a USB-C port has been added to it. 

That is, this phone will be able to charge instantly with a Type-C charger. Let’s know about it…

DEEP, a Slovakian company, has successfully modified Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone by including a USB-C port in the device. The new USB-C port is something that has been long expected for the iPhone as Apple’s lineup of products now comes with global connectivity options via USB-C port for both charging and connectivity.

The standard USB-port is already available on Apple iPads and Macs, but it hasn’t been born on the iPhone 12 series. We have seen a third party iPhone X with USB-C only, which sold for $86,000 (Rs 65,09,985) on eBay.

video went viral

Company DEEP provided a walk-through video detailing all the steps it has taken to convert the iPhone 12 Max Pro into a USB-C-enabled device. The modification process began with opening the smartphone and removing the Lightning Port flex cable assembly. Necessary measurements are taken to ensure the proper placement of the USB-C connector. A flex cable designed with a USB-C port and an original Mfi chip implemented after it was soldered to the flex assembly and installed back into the iPhone 12 Pro Max.


will charge like this

The new USB-C iPhone 12 Pro Max has been put through motion and is fully operational in both charging the device and connectivity. It works with iTunes and the phone’s internal storage connects seamlessly with the Mac. Charging-wise, the modified iPhone 12 Pro Max charges fine with the original Apple charger using a USB-C to C (or USB-A to C) cable. There is no mention of possible drawbacks of the device in the absence of its original Lightning connector. It is also unclear whether there was any interface between the company and Apple.

USB-C iPhone 12 Pro Max on Auction

The USB-C iPhone 12 Pro Max is already available for sale on eBay via auction. This will be the second iPhone with a USB-C port. The first model did not get the traction expected by its designers. We will keep an eye on the auction which will run from February 24 to March 6 at 3.00 am Eastern Time. It is also unclear whether the water resistance rating of the original iPhone 12 Pro Max has been retained with the current revision.


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