WhatsApp New Feature: Now WhatsApp will run flawlessly on 4 devices without internet! Know how to use this feature?

WhatsApp New Feature: After a long time, the new WhatsApp feature that allows multi-device connectivity is out of beta. This new feature allows users to connect up to five devices and use WhatsApp on them simultaneously. 

This feature is called WhatsApp linked device and it can be seen in WhatsApp settings. However, there are some caveats and not all devices are eligible. So, check out this new feature of WhatsApp and find out how to use WhatsApp on different devices at the same time…


  • WhatsApp has launched a new feature.
  • One WhatsApp account can be linked to up to 4 other devices.
  • The new feature is currently available on the latest update of iOS (v22.6.74)

WhatsApp New Feature: Link up to 4 devices at the same time

WhatsApp can also be used through the web. It was up to your primary phone to function properly. If the smartphone was not connected, then the WhatsApp web would also stop working. But this new feature of WhatsApp changes that. Dubbed as WhatsApp Linked Device, this feature allows any linked device to function independently without being dependent on your primary device. However,

if a user does not use the primary smartphone for more than 14 days, then all the devices connected to it will also be disconnected. A WhatsApp account can be linked to up to 4 other devices, except the primary device.

WhatsApp New Feature: Will work on latest update

The new feature of WhatsApp is currently available on the latest update for iOS (v22.6.74) and a follow-up to Android is expected soon. But before we tell you how to use WhatsApp on different devices simultaneously, let’s check some precautions. 

Users will not be able to message or make calls from web, desktop or portal to users who have older version of WhatsApp on their phone. Also, only one smartphone can be linked to the WhatsApp account at a time. This means that none of the remaining 4 devices can be another smartphone. 

WhatsApp New Feature: How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices

Step 1: First of all open WhatsApp web on laptop, desktop or tablet.
Step 2: Now open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to Settings. You’ll find ‘Linked devices’ there.
Step 3: Click on ‘Link a Device’.
Step 4: Once this scanner is opened, scan the code on WhatsApp web using the phone.
Step 5: Once your WhatsApp account registers the new device, it will automatically sync the chat history and start working independently.
Step 6: To unlink a device, you can follow the same steps and just long press on the linked device and click on delete.