Wind turbine for home. How to build a momemade wind turbine?

Wind Turbine For Home. How to Build a Homemade Wind Turbine?  It’s possible that you’ve never wanted to install renewable energy in your home and haven’t decided because of the price and investment cost. 

The insecurities of investing in something you don’t know if it’s going to bring you profit are hard to deal with. However, today we bring you a solution to your problems. If you can’t invest, why not make renewable energy yourself? In this article we are going to teach you how to have wind power in your home. To do this, we are going to see step by step how to build a homemade wind turbine.

Wind turbine for home: Build a Homemade Wind Turbine

Home Number of broadcasters of wind turbines
Wind turbine for home Wind turbine for home Wind turbine for home Wind turbine for home

For those who are not well aware of what a wind turbine is, it is an electric generator that works through the force of the wind. It is a device that consists of blade-like fans that are driven at high speed by a gust of wind and which is capable of converting kinetic energy into electrical energy to meet our demand.

As you can see, it is not an energy that pollutes, so it enters the world of renewable and sustainable development. With it, we can contribute our grain of sand to the world of renewables without the need for investment costs and the initial insecurity that plagues everyone trying to install renewable energy in their home.

material needed

Types of materials for the manufacture of homemade wind turbines


To build our homemade wind turbine we will need specific tools that we get in a workshop. In addition, we will need an arc welder, which we will use brackets and anchors to make the turret and cremation, which is used to more accurately cut the propeller of a homemade wind turbine.

The alternator is the major piece we should be using. A car alternator is perfect for making our homemade wind turbine. The most important ingredients are these three: the propellant, the alternator and of course the wind . Without the force of the wind we would not have any kind of electrical energy.

Most recommended is a truck alternator or similar. In other words, what matters most is size. The bigger the alternator, the better. As each alternator has a characteristic curve, we can know what amperage it has. is that we will look for that slow alternator and we will add multiplication thanks to a large pulley that we will put on the grinder and a smaller one that we will put on the alternator. This way we will ensure that the wind is not too hard to generate electricity.

car alternator for home wind turbine

It is necessary to know well the consumption occurring in the house and generate something else by so called phantom consumption. This is about the stand by many devices that have an LED, such as TVs.

Suppose we assemble a wind turbine inside our house with little wind in one day. We have to see how little energy a wind turbine will provide us to guarantee the supply. We cannot expect our energy consumption on days when it is quite windy, because we will not know when they will be.

collection of propellants

collection of propellants

We are going to describe how to assemble the second important element of our homemade wind turbine, the propellers. There are many types of wind turbines with different types of propellers. There are those that operate with two, three and four or more propellers. It totally depends on the wind speed in the area where we live. The alternator used will also determine the number of propellers.

If we use a propeller with a good aerodynamic profile, we can perform well at high speeds but we will have very low starting torque. This means that we will not be able to take advantage of the power that weak winds give us. We have to note that if the wind regime in your area is short, more movers will be needed to compensate.

To create the mover, we will take advantage of PVC pipes used in plumbing . They are quite inexpensive, plentiful, and spare parts can be made at any time. A significant advantage of these tubes is that they are already curved, so it will not be necessary to complicate the making of the propeller. When cutting, it is better to use Dremel and PVC cutting blades for greater accuracy while cutting.

Now we will need to choose the material for the propeller plate. The best thing to start with is to mount the wooden plates where we will screw the propellers. This way we can modify the design of the wind turbine at any time to remove and fit the required propellers. Once you are clear about the design you want to achieve, you can purchase it in CNC aluminum to attach the transmission belt.

Commissioning of a homemade wind turbine

importance of wind turbine

Inexpensive battery chargers can be used to make an electrical connection. It is important to buy good battery which will help us to store energy as much as possible.

All we have left is to build the turret where the wind turbine will be installed. For this, we use galvanized steel poles which are used for the installation of antennas. You can use some cords to tie it so that it doesn’t move when there is excessive wind. The cables used in the installation can be placed inside the tube so that they do not suffer erosion or be damaged by the weather.

The turret should be raised on a pivot basis. By placing a rudder on the tail, it could be oriented in the direction of the wind without any problems and it would be possible to have more energy with the same wind.

I hope that with these tips you can make your own homemade wind turbine. Entering the world of renovation is always a good option. In addition to being an economical energy source, you will contribute to reducing pollution and depletion of natural resources. Wind turbine for home Wind turbine for home Wind turbine for home

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